What are the Herbal Products?

Herbal is the study of Botany and Plants or plant’s part such as its scent, flavor, or therapeutic properties in search for Nature’s prized benefits. Plants have been used for medical treatments through most of human history. Herbal medicine is also called phytomedicine or pyrotherapy. These medicines are one of the dietary supplements and it is still widely used today to maintain or improve human health. Herbal medicines are sold as tablets, capsules, powders, teas, extracts, and fresh or dried plants.

If you are thinking about using an herbal medicine, first get information on it from reliable sources. Before using herbal medicines please consult with your health care provider about the herbal medicines you are going to use.

We try to provide our users with the best available herbal products from all over the world like our world famous Organic Black Seed Oil, MicSeeds Natural Herbal Supplement  For Diabetes.  We purchase our Black Seed, also known as Kalonji or Black Cumin Seed, from organic farms of India. Once the seed arrives in the USA, we carefully cold press our seeds in our own cold press machine. This process is long and it certainly is not easy but we still do it because it results in superior quality black seed oil and it is the Halal thing to do.  

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