The product is beautiful to look at but its ingredients are very simple. Made with jute yarn and Kaisha Grass Tree. However, this product has been made with the combination of hard work, talent and love of ordinary mothers and sisters of rural Bengal.

Plastic or chemical products cause long-term and terrible damage to our body. So we came up with organic products. It is a product made by skilled hands of staff trained by natural ingredients.
The product has become very popular in the international market as well as in beauty-loving people because it is always necessary and free from natural influences.

Alhamdulillah, among the elite conscious and tasteful people as an essential element of the house, the price of the product is increasing day by day, the arrangement of show-pieces from the kitchen of the amateur, the placement of fruit on the sofa table.

We pay our respects and gratitude to all the hard working people whose hard work is contributing to our country’s economy and brightening our country’s image in the international arena.

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