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Alcohol Free Perfumes

organic alcohol free perfume,

Since human civilization grew up most of the people have liked nice smells in their daily life. At first we got that smell directly from nature – from the flowers and other materials like smoke as well as the first scents was the smokes of the burned odorous materials. Perfume comes from the Latin word “per fumus” which means “through smoke”.  but in time we began to manufacture mixtures of these materials and make scents which are the  modern perfume. In the modern era most of the perfumes are diluted with alcohol or spirit. Because of the alcohol is prohibited reliziously by the muslim so they prefer alcohol free perfumes. All of our Perfumes are ALCOHOL FREE. 

We offer to our valued costumers an unique variety of exquisite, exotic and high quality designer fragrances in Concentrated Oil Perfumes selections for Men, Women and Unisex aficionados. Our range also extends to include Bakhoors, Incense, Dukhoon, Mukhallat and Oudh Attars; Each Luxurious perfume bottle is equal in elegance that will match the desired fragrance and occasion you are looking to experience.

We do hope you enjoy our Purest Arabian brand name perfumes as much as we do!

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